P. Morris 

At the start of treatment I had constant low back pain radiating down both legs. I was also unable to turn my head completely to the right. Now my back pain has completely gone, as has my leg pain. I am now sleeping better. I have also got back movement in my neck and can move completely to the right without pain

P. Fairhurst 

When I first started my sessions daily jobs and tasks caused pain in both my back and shoulders and also was affecting my ability to do some sports. Since treatment I have no pain during daily activity, my posture has improved and also my ability in sports. Overall I would sat my care has been very effective.


Struggled with back pain for over 13 years - wish I'd sought this treatment years ago - can't believe how much better I am feeling.


I understand now the benefits of chiropractic care. Don, although I have only been attending sessions for a short amount of time I have improved immensely. Began to see results in week 2-3 and am getting back to my normal self. The adjustments have been very effective and the perscribed exercises have been very helpful too.


From couldn't walk to can dance!!


I shouldn't have left it so long. I feel like a new woman. Ready now to hit the road running again. Thanks Don'.

R. Hales 

After suffering for 3 months, unable to sit down for 10mins, within 4 weeks virtually all symptoms gone - coincidence? I think not. 


Less pain, more flexibility. Better quality of life.

J. Cliff

Really amazed at how quickly the flexibility has returned and the aches and pains have gone. Continuing with the stretch exercises which have really helped.

P. Hewitt

Major improvement back pain ie movement much better all round.

S. Peters 

Complete improvement in my back, doing things in my life, work, job and training that I couldn't do before the treatment began. Overall a total improvement, very happy with service.

S. Simmons 

Major improvement on lower back - less pressure. Also migraines less frequent.

A. Henderson

Continual improvement of the course of treatment.

Paul Harris 

Major improvement after after many years of pain and stress. Wish I had come 10 years ago.

L. Pendleton

Very impressed with Don and the treatment. I can now work without pain. Many thanks.

I. Bakewell

Arrived with intermittent lower back pain which I had experienced over a ten year period. The change, after the intensive period of treatments has been profound.

I have no pain at the moment and this has been maintained with one minor exception since the second week of treatment. After such a long period of back problems this course of correcting my major discomfort has been the only one that has ever succeeded. Cannot recommend Dons treatment highly enough.

C. Molloy

Found treatment to be very helpful. Put up with a bad shoulder for 10 years & already showing signs of improving having more movement & less pain.

P. Griffin

I am now completely pain free, the pain does not return at all.

A. Gumerson

I cannot believe the difference in only six visits. Amazing!

A. Loughlin

Starting to feel much better now - not waking up with a painful back every morning and sleeping more easily. Very impressed with the standard of care here.


Superb service, explained fully, stuck to plan put in place and exercise/stretch plan.

Great people, I would recommend this to anyone with similar complaints. Education in this service is needed for others to see the benefits it provides.

S. Mcallister

The pain in my leg has substantially improved, allowing me to once again do some walking/hiking. Dr Palmer has done more in 6 appointments, than various treatments carried out at a private hospital. Delighted!


The pain is less, i'm more active - back to walking. I feel much better in myself & my wellness.

J. Taylor 

Treatment is helping me to listen to my body and its limitations. Sleep quality improved & balance improved. 

N. Ruddick

So far I've found the treament to be benefical. My back problems have greatly improved and I feel much better. Whilst my shoulder still has some discomfort it has improved during the period of treament. I've found the practic to be very friendly and helpful and are happt to continue treatment.

D Sangari 

Feeling a lot better after sessions and I can actually feel improvement instantly after each session.

V Williams 

Dr J Palmer gave me very good service on my back. Feels a lot better after only a couple of sessions.

C Molyneux 

My neck and upper back pain was excruciating at times but now I have virtually no pain. I would and do recommend Don to anyone!

V Lawrenson

Came with numbness in hands, pain in arms, numb toes on the left foot & pins & needles in left leg.Numbness in toes & pins & needles has disappeared completely!

Numbness in hands has gone but still have some pain in arms. I am very glad I came to Ormskirk Chiro. I know I have some way to go but I am hopeful all will be cured in the end.

K Doherty 

I was quite desperate when I came in to make an appointment I had constant headache, pain in the middle of my back between shoulders. I was given an appointment on the same day and had my first treatment. I had two more the following week and went on holiday the week after, (the holiday which I had started to dread because of the pain) and throughly enjoyed as I was pain free and able to everything I wanted. I have continued treatment since and feel so much better. I have recommneded Dr Palmer to friends.

C Molyneux

Major improvement, my neck is significantly improved and my upper back is also improving. It's a joy to be almost pain free!

S Meehan 

I have noticed that I can stand for much longer without pain. Very little hip pain also, I like Dr Palmers (Doctor of Chiropractic) approach, the treatment is making me feel much better in myself. I feel calmer and more relaxed. I like the holistic benefits of chiropractic treamtent.

L Bentley

Feel very good, better than I have for years.

A Westmoreland

Good treatment to aid speedy recovery to enable me to start returning back to full exercise.

C Inkson

Major relief in my back and can play golf and pick up my daughter again.

D Welsh

Was not originally extremely painful but it was moderate and was quite restrictive. Now my back still stiffens up occasionally but the pain is minor. The exercises do help to prevent if stiffening and I am alot more comfortable & able to go about my normal life without restrictions. Thanks Don!

J Manders

I had multiple problems and now I have almost none. I am totally amazed at how much better I feel and much more movement I have, mostly pain free. WONDERFUL!!

L Helm

Some mornings have been brilliant no pain at all which hasn't happened for a while! There has been an improvement in my lower back pain, it's reduced but i'm hoping further treatment will help it improve further.

 J Greenwood

Within a couple of treatments I could feel a difference. I would definitely recommend this practice.

V Cunningham

I am really pleased at my progress. My symptoms eased from my first visit and have continued to improve over the weeks. It is so nice to be able to take long walks again with no pain.

 M Gout

Have found good pain relief with both back and leg pain, lots more movement in both and neck. Altogether a vast improvement.

H Kavanagh

Back pain with referred pain down the leg which was particularly troublesome when lying down. This was affecting my sleep but also making movement difficult during working hours when trying to carry out normal day to day activities.

Chiropractic care has made a significant improvement in my general health and well being, enabled to get  me to get a better nights sleep and generally made daily life easier.

 G Gates

Diagnosed injury, provided effective treatment to base spine, helping re-align discs. Improvement in over all posture. Encouraged continual management of injury.

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